Offline vs. Online Black Friday Shopping

Can Black Friday Deals Be Bought Online?

Black Friday is (among) the most exciting times of the year for both merchants and customers. Over the past few years, the day has been celebrated like the Thanksgiving holiday or Cyber Monday.

This means that both traditional and e-commerce retailers have to develop strategies and plan for this big day.

But which is better – shopping online or offline on Black Friday? And can Black Friday deals be bought online or are just Cyber Mondays deals that can be found online?

Black Friday Online Shopping

There are three main reasons that should make you want to shop online on Black Friday.


While buying online, you won’t deal with a crowd, pushy salespeople, long lines, or all other inconveniences that accompany shopping offline on Black Friday.

You can conduct thorough research from the comfort of your home and buy items that you need. All you need to do is to create an account and select the goods you want by adding them to your cart.

Free Shipping

Most online outlets offer free shipping for goods bought on Black Friday. Hence, before you make your purchase, ensure that the store is offering free shipping.

Shipping costs can take the discount you enjoy from the products.

Larger Selection

You will have access to a huge collection of goods and different stores when you shop online on Black Friday.

On the flipside, you might only be able to visit one or two stores if you shop offline.

Black Friday Offline Shopping

These are the 3 benefits you will get if you shop in-store.

In-Store Exclusive Deals

Following the tradition, most stores provide a wide variety of deals on Black Friday that you can only get from their brick and mortar outlets. From electronics to jewelry, these products will vary from location to location, and you might find a hidden gem in one.

Go through all Black Friday ads to know which store will be offering which deal.


Doorbusters are sales provided by offline stores to make the start of Black Friday sale. These are usually exclusive to brick and mortar stores and they are limited.

You need to be there when the stores open to get these deals. There are stories of people camping outside the store the whole night just to get these deals.

The Experience

If you are like me and enjoy going out with friends and family on Black Friday, then offline shopping should be the thing for you.

Getting discounted things is amazing, but nothing matches the experience, fun, and memory of shopping with loved ones on Black Friday.


From a logical point of view, you cannot bet against online shopping on Black Friday. After all, you can get all the Black Friday deals online. However, there are items that you will get only at offline stores and this might require you to visit these stores.

If possible, do offline shopping and online shopping on Black Friday to ensure that you get all the deals.

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