Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: When Are Better Deals?

Black Friday gets lots of love from buyers, but Cyber Monday is the king of online shopping. Confused?

Let’s take a moment and try to solve the puzzle of Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: When Are Better Deals?

Which Day Offers the Better Deals?

It will depend on what you are looking for. Whether on Friday or Monday, you should expect to get some exciting offers that will make your Thanksgivings weekend memorable.

Remember that Black Friday was invented to make shoppers walk into those doors to make retailers break even. Cyber Monday was started to function like Black Friday but for online stores.

Today, Black Friday has also invaded the online market.

What To Buy Black Friday

Here are products that you should buy on Black Friday:

TVs: Black Friday is all about the doorbusters and televisions lead this charge. You can find 4K TVs at the best prices you will find throughout the year. The Black Friday TVs frenzy often pulls down the cost of all TV models, so you can rest assured of getting a great deal. You will get TVs deal during the Cyber Monday but they won’t be as affordable as on Black Friday.  

Toys: Hot toys sell during the Black Friday and come at a great price, which you cannot resist. The best toys will sell out before Cyber Monday.

Gaming consoles: These are holiday gifts which drop in price during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But just like toys, the best releases will be demanded during the Black Friday.

Appliances: Department stores such as Sears and Macy’s and electronics stores like Best Buy, go crazy on Black Friday, discounting everything they offer.

What To Buy Cyber Monday

These are the things to buy on Cyber Monday:

PCs/Laptops: Cyber Monday is all about tech deals, meaning gaming PCs, desktops, and laptops will be hot cakes. You will see a lot of tech deals on Black Friday, but they will better on Cyber Monday. Also, don’t forget about memory cards, keyboards, headphones, cables, and other accessories.

Travel: You should buy your travel ticket on Cyber Monday. Airlines offer discounted tickets on travel sites and routes for vacation packages.   

Educational software and online subscriptions: One area with big potential for great prices is online subscriptions, after all, Cyber Monday started as the online version of Black Friday.

Clothing: Clothing retailers such as Old Navy, Gap, ASOS, and others offer amazing Cyber Monday discounts for cloth shoppers.

Buy On Either

You can buy these staff on Black Friday or Cyber Monday:

Smart home devices: The deals we see for smart home devices continue from Thursday to Monday on various stores such as Google Home and Amazon’s Echo.

Phones: Phone deals are frequent on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


From what we have come to witness over the years, there are products to buy on Black Friday and others on Cyber Monday. Besides, there are products that you can buy on either day – choose wisely.

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