Bath & Body Works Black Friday Ad, Deals, and Sales

Bath & Body Works Black Friday Ad, Deals, and Sales

Developed in 1990, Bath & Body Works has been changing the way American smell for decades now. The retailer has everything that you would want including white barn candle, home scents, its signature collections, and other products that you would need to make your body and home smell nice. With BOGO deals and a $5.99 shipping rate, you can shop anything you want from hand soap, body lotion, hand sanitizer, room spray and much more.

The retailer’s Black Friday ad is a darling of most fragrance lovers. Though Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale in January is always great, the retailer offers the best deals on Black Friday.  You can buy some new fragrance for your home and yourself during the Bath & Body Black Friday sale.

Bath & Body Works Hours for Black Friday

In 2018, the Bath & Body Works Black Friday flyer was short and to the point. The deals were provided only on Black Friday from 6 a.m., so you had to be there when the store was opening to enjoy the doorbusters.

Some of its products were also offered online as specials if you couldn’t brave the cold morning and the crowded outlets on this day.

The biggest deal in the Bath & Body Works Black Friday sale was the amazing tote bag. Here, you could get products worth over $115 going for just $25 with any $30 purchase done while stock last. For online shoppers, they needed to use a code to access this bag.

Bath & Body Works Black Friday 2019 Sale Information

Although the retailer is famous for providing coupons, most of these coupons expire before Black Friday. While shoppers can use coupons for 3 days before and 3 days after expiration, this period is often outside the Black Friday week.

You can, however, enjoy free shipping on Black Friday.

Sale Information Summary:

Ad Scan

The one-page Bath & Body Works Black Friday flyer was released on November, 14 and featured the tote bag. You won’t find an official ad but this works just as effective as a real ad.

Sale Start Date & Time:

Most of Bath & Body Works store open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. This ensures that you get extended shopping hours before the official 6 a.m. opening on Black Friday.

Sale Format

The exclusive tote bag featured 7 new products in 2018 and was valued for $115. This ensures that you get discounts on a wide variety of products.

Special Promotions

There were no special promotions on Black Friday. This is understandable considering that the retailer had the amazing tote bag. We expect this trend to continue in 2019 and even offer more products than last year.

We can only wait and see how the year will turn out for Bath & Body Works. But one thing we can be sure of is that the Bath & Body Works Black Friday 2019 will be bigger and better than the previous years. Keep us company to learn all about Black Friday.

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