Black Friday 2019 Predictions

When Will Black Friday Ads Be Released in 2019?

It might be early, but some of us are already looking forward to the 29th November 2019, Black Friday. But before that, we need to see the Black Friday ads.

When will Black Friday ads be released in 2019? We do have an idea about when they will start to hit various platforms and media.    

Overall Black Friday Adds Predictions

Over the years, Black Friday ads have dropped earlier than expected. But the first ads will be the ones that you are not looking forward.

A few less-awaited retailers will join the frenzy in mid as well as early October. Late October all the way to early November will see the entrance of the “big boys”: Macy’s, Target, Kohl’s, and even Walmart.

Meanwhile, eBay and Amazon (as is their trend) will hold on to their ads until the last 2 weeks before Black Friday.

Here is a summary of when you should expect the Black Friday ads from selected retailers:

October 3: Harbor Freight ad – In 2017 and 2018, Harbor Freight was the first to lease its Black Friday ad. In 2017, the ad came out on October 2 and we predict it to be released on October 3 this year.

October 24 to 31: Kohl’s, Dell, and Half Price Books ads – The three firms are other early birds when it comes to releasing their Black Friday ads. We predict Kohl’s to be the first major retailer to have its ads running in 2019.

November 1 to 7: Home Depot, Target, Microsoft, Sears, Walmart, Bj’s Dick’s Sporting Goods, HP, Macy’s, Kmart, Michael’s, and Best Buy ads – Most of the ads will hit the market during the first week of November. These retailers released their ads around November 8 last year.   

November 8 to 15: Newegg, Lowe’s Beyond, Amazon, GameStop, and Bed Bath ads – A few retailers will release their ads during the second week of November. Note that Amazon usually provides a press release and not the traditional ad form that is used by most retailers.

After November 15: eBay – eBay usually releases its Black Friday ad quite late and it is often accompanied by its Cyber Monday offers as well. We expect it to wait for Amazon in order to set its “Anti-Amazon” ad.

The Black Friday sale season hasn’t changed much over the years, so here are some predictions that we feel will make your day.   

Walmart: Expect to save up to 49-79% on movies, toys, video games, electronics, home, beauty kits, jewelry and clothing, and food products.

Target: Expect more while you pay less on clothing, toys, video games, movies, and music products.

Kohl’s: You should expect to get a 30-50% discount on clothing, shoes, toys, jewelry, electronics and game console, and hone and garden products.

Amazon: Amazon might offer a 40-50% discount of toys, home and garden, beauty and health, and electronics products.

Best Buy: Here you might get special deals on tablets, TV, cell phones, camera, desktops, laptops, gaming consoles, speakers, headphones, and audios.

JC Penny: Get about 60% off when you buy appliances, jewelry, clothing, and home and garden products.

Macy’s: Expect to save 70% on jewelry, bed and bathing, beauty and health, and clothing products.

Game Stop: Get discounts on toys, video games, gaming consoles and accessories, speakers, headphones, and audios.


One thing that you should note is that the discounts change as the days progressed: mouthwatering deals are revealed.

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