When is Black Friday in 2019?

If you love shopping you surely love Black Friday too. And why not, after all? It offers the best deals of the year! Everyone eagerly waits for Black Friday and on this big shopping day, people leave their homes very early in the morning as that is also when many shops start their sales. If you are wondering which stores will offer you the best deals this holiday season then keep reading.

This year, Black Friday will be on 29th November 2019. Most retailers are expected to open their doors quite early – even at midnight.

Black Friday is an annual commercial holiday that is celebrated on the day following Thanksgiving in the USA. It is considered to start the Christmas gift-shopping season.

How much time is left before Black Friday kicks off?

We are counting days, hours and minutes!

Why Black Friday is celebrated

Black Friday is mainly celebrated since it is the day of the year when most retailers “hit the black”. This means they start making profits after being “in the red” the whole year.

It is also the day when millions of Americans get to different stores before 6 am to take advantage of unbelievable shopping deals.

What’s Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday sale is the sale when retailers trade at a discounted rate. The deals are so attractive that every shopper spends around $1,007.24 on gifts, greeting cards, flowers, decorations, food, and other seasonal promotions and sales.

How Black Friday Started

Black Friday started way back in the 1950s in Philadelphia. Every year, thousands of visitors would visit the shopping centers of downtown Philly to watch a football match between the Navy and the Army the Saturday following Thanksgiving.

Retailers started to offer the visitors special deals which made it hectic to move around, and this made the police to call the day “Black Friday”. This traditional spread across the country and later retailer invented the idea of “black ink” to make the holiday suit their business minds.

When Was The First Black Friday?

Bulging sales in the month of November were common in the USA even before the term Black Friday was coined. Macy’s, a department store, was the first to offer post-Thanksgiving shopping deals in 1924, during its Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York.

From there, the shopping frenzy grew in popularity and later turned into the present day Black Friday.   

Why Do They Call It Black Friday?

This day is known as Black Friday because it’s the day of the year when most retailers finally “hit the black”. You should note that traders used to use red pens on their books to show losses and black to show gains.

However, that is just the belief of the public since Black Friday was first used to refer to the crisis of the USA Gold Market on 24th September 1869.

How long is Black Friday?

While most retailers offer deals from midnight to the morning of Black Friday, some sellers will continue to offer these deals for a while. For instance, some online stores offer sales throughout the weekend of Black Friday and even during the Cyber Monday.  

However, Black Friday deals are often offered as long as the stocks last – can end before or after the holiday.

When Did Black Friday Become A Holiday?

While Thanksgiving is a holiday, Black Friday isn’t. This means that banks, the stock market, and post offices remain open on Friday.

However, it is a state holiday because employees of some states get a day off – about 80% of workers get a paid day off.  Some colleges and schools also give the day off to mark Thanksgiving a 4-day weekend for students to be with their families.

This “holiday” is believed to have started in the 1950s when people started to call in sick the day following Thanksgiving, forcing the businesses to add that day as a paid day holiday.


With Black Friday not being too far away, you must be very excited. Black Friday is an unofficial holiday that will be celebrated on Friday, 29th November 2019. Ensure that you get the Black Friday deals as soon as they open.

Waste no time, create a list of everything that you want and check the stores right from the time the deals begin so that you get all that you desire and that too at the most unbelievable rates.